About Us

Doha Cool and Fog is specialized in outdoor cooling systems and its application for all regions whether it's for Residential, commercial or Industrial, in order to provide a cool and refresh atmosphere during the summer time and during high temperatures.

Doha Cool and Fog was established in 2009 in Doha Qatar to provide outdoor cooling systems.

We have been working to find out and research for the best international companies in (USA, China, Spain, Italy) which have long experience and operating in the same filed. We have signed partnership contracts with some of them in order to provide best services and to meet and exceed customer's satisfaction.

Our Goal!

Our goal is to provide highest quality and outstanding performance where you will not find elsewhere and we assure our credibility in all transactions.

Chose us!

Once you chose us, we will confirm your choice by getting the highest quality products available because it will make your project unique landscape and attractive as well as safe, affordable and results are guaranteed 100% (Inshallah)

With us we can give you the ideal outdoor cooling solution as we can design personalized systems to satisfy any special needs in the cooling misting sector.

Customers are our Value!

We offer total commitment to our customers based on responsiveness, expertise, and reliability.

Top Quality is our mission!

We strive to provide innovative, practical, and top quality products and services to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Ahead of all others is our Vision!

We are dedicated to becoming the lead specialist providing outdoor cooling solutions through quality products and services.