Greenhouse Cooling

Greenhouse  CoolingPlant dehydration and loss accrues during the hot, dry summer months and during winter heating months. Serious problems occur when the humidity in the greenhouse and propagation environments is low. Plants will suffer and typically slow or halt the growing process.

Doha Cool high pressure fogging systems are an effective tool to control the humidity and temperature in the greenhouse environment. Typically all growers have a problem with low humidity and high temperatures.

Doha Cool fog systems for greenhouse environmental control provides the solution for both problems. The fog system is installed in the house with patented nozzles equally spaced within the house. This fog quickly evaporates without wetting, to cool and humidify. This permits higher density planting, reduces disease and cuts crop loss during rooting, germination and propagation.

Greenhouse  CoolingGreenhouses in arid conditions close down for the summer months until ambient temperatures will reduce to an acceptable level. Doha Cool in propagation and germination greenhouses maintains a high humidity (over 90%) in the house for effective production.

Temperature reductions of up to 30°F (15°C) can be expected in many situations around the world. Humidity control can be evenly controlled through the house for even propagation and growth.

Greenhouse  CoolingComputer or analog control systems precisely control the humidity and temperature to exacting levels thereby reducing energy costs. The computers can integrate all the other greenhouse functions and systems such as boilers and irrigation valves.

Each fog systems are custom made for each greenhouse and incorporate state of the art flexible or stainless steel nozzle lines, high pressure pumps and installations materials. Systems installed around the globe are every day giving the growers the solution to temperature and humidity problems.