Humidity Control

Wood Storage Humidification

Changes in temperature and humidity levels present a major challenge for wood storage and automated paint applications. Reduction of production by computerized machinery and automated paint application are results of warping and cracking of the unprocessed wood, which are the direct effect of the above changes.

CalCool have the solution that solves this problem. The solution maintains a level and constant humidity in the factory or store area using friendly computerized sensors and controls. It maintains humidity levels of 35% in the paint room and 80% in the storage area industry required all times.

Our system uses fog nozzles connected to flexible lines through the plant which provides fine fog and humidity control. In addition, it includes a fan system to ensure proper air movement and circulation. The computerized sub-system is fully programmable and provide feedback to a central control system. Extra functions and features can be added to the system like dust suppression in the sawing and shaping areas, and/or odor control in the painting area.

Industrial Humidification

Installing air conditioning in warehouses and plants is expensive in equipment and operating cost.

CalCool cooling and humidifying systems are an alternative inexpensive and cost effective solution for warehouses and plants. We design a precision system for any warehouse or plant facility using cooling and nozzles lines. The system has optional temperature sensors, which provide complete control over air temperature and humidity in the facility.

Cold Storage Humidification

Cold air hold less moisture than warm air. As air enters a chill store, its temperature is reduced and its moisture content drops. The water condenses out of the air onto the cold surface of the cooling coils in the refrigeration system. The air still has a high relative humidity but does not actually hold mush moisture.

This would be fine if the air stayed at this cold temperature, but as it is circulated around the chill store it warms. The warmer air then demands a higher moisture contents to achieve its natural equilibrium and it draws this moisture from any surface it can -- including the product inside the chill store. This can lead to a loss in product weight by as mush as 20% if the air is left un-humidified, resulting in a less attractive products with less shelf-life and ultimately a major loss in profits.

CalCool high pressure fog system is designed around the accurate calculation of water requirements in the chill store. The system includes a computer controller to accurately monitors and adjusts the humidity levels by staging the fog operation.

Induct Humidification

The paper and textile industry have a major challenge in controlling moisture stability and static electricity. Once produced and reeled, the paper is exposed to ambient conditions at the end of the paper machine for a considerable period of time. Low humidity, below 50%, causes the paper to shrink, curl, and lose dimensional stability making reel of paper unusable and in turn increase the production cost of the manufacturer. On the other hand, the dry air can cause static electricity build up, low regain, yarn breakage, dust, fly or lent in the textile industry.

CalCool humidity control system is the most ideal solution for the above problems. Our system raises the relative humidity level as high as 95% without wetting; reduce static electricity, and fugitive dust particles. In addition, the system is an inexpensive and cost effective solution for cooling and humidifying factories.

Greenhouse Humidification

All farmers have the problem of low humidity and high temperature. In greenhouse environment, serious problems occur when the humidity drops below 30%RH. Plants slow or halt the growing process. Normally, many greenhouse in arid conditions close down during summer months.

CalCool has solved these problems by using high pressure fog generator which produces 10 micron droplets of water that evaporate immediately in the air to cool and humidify without wetting. Our system is very effective in generating the ideal environment of effective production without incurs huge energy cost. The system has a computer or analog control system to precisely control the humidity and temperature of the greenhouse. In addition, the control system can be used to control other greenhouse functions and systems such as boilers and irrigation valves.


  • Increase productivity
  • Keep constant humidity levels
  • Generate the correct inside greenhouse climate for any season
  • Reduce irrigation water consumption
  • Reduce the needed shading