Odor Neutralization

Waste Transfer

The sorting and collection of waste is becoming normal occurrence in the world. The proximity and closeness of cities neighborhoods increase the complaints of odors and dust.

CalCool provide a solution that can help eliminate both the dust and malodors. The system is made of a high pressure pump that pressurizes the odor neutralizer solution at 70 Bars (100psi), then it is pushed in an atomization line realized with pipes, and diffused in the air through special nozzles. The solution freed in the form of fog remains suspended in the air then evaporate without wetting, making the system very efficient. The molecules of the solution eliminate instantly and permanently the odor in the surroundings.

Chemical Plants

With residential areas coming closer to factories, the tolerance for industrial odors and pollution is less.

CalCool offers a solution for factories to surround and target the source of malodors with flexible tube and nozzles positioned exactly where needed. The system can handle the addition of suitable chemicals that fight odor which increases the efficiency as the water evaporates leaving a large surface area on the chemical droplet to attack the odors.


Recently, the production of high-organic composts is increasing due to the increased demand. The demand for clean air free of odor increases considerably as residential areas get closer to the country side.

CalCool provide a system that solves the problem above. Our system deliver natural odor neutralizers through a grid of nozzles to ensure efficient and complete elimination of the odors.


Landfills omit malodors over the boundaries into the residential areas.

CalCool high pressure nozzles can be used around the landfill boundary for complete odor control. In addition, wind sensors and controllers can be added to the system to provide on need operation activation.